Christ Church Cemetery Walk

Christ Church is New Zealand’s oldest existing Church and it’s gravestones tell the stories of early Māori and the Pākehā settlers. Discover their stories on this fascinating walk.

Christ Church, Russell / Te Whare Karakia o Kororareka is New Zealand’s oldest existing church and possibly the oldest building still used for its original purpose. Its beginnings go back to the earliest years of Maori European contactChrist Church Cemetery Walk in the Bay of Islands when missionaries from across the harbour at the Paihia mission station rowed across to take services in private homes.

The graves in its cemetery likewise tell the stories of the people who were living here before European colonization and pioneer settlers who were part of Treaty negotiations. Sailors, whalers and ordinary settlers from across the world are buried side by side with the Māori residents who called Kororāreka their home.

Many stories are poignant reminders of the difficult and dangerous times faced by our ancestors; infant mortality was high and epidemics caused huge loss of life.

Our walk is told in partnership with Christ Church, and a percentage of the proceeds are returned to them when you buy the Christ Church Cemetery walk.

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